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Home > Board shorts for Women, Men, Kids
and Plus Size Board Shorts
Short- Hipster Women Boardshorts

Short-Hipster Low Rise Bermuda style Women Boardshorts

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Item # SHS1
Sale Price$20.97
You Save25%

Size Measurements for Hipster shorts are taken on the hip bone location just 2" or 3" below the navel using a clothing tape measure.

Size of the short-Hipster women's board shorts:

Size 3 fits Hip bone 29 - 31", Inseam 3", Length 11"
Size 5 fits Hip bone 32 - 34", Inseam 3", Length 11.5"
Size 7 fits Hip bone 34.5-35.5", Inseam 3", Length 11.5"
Size 9 fits Hip bone 36-37", Inseam 3", Length 12.5"
Size 11 fits Hip bone 37.5-38.5", Inseam 3", Length 12.5"
Size 13 fits Hip bone 39-40", Inseam 3.5", Length 13"
Size 15 fits Hip bone 40.5-41.5", Inseam 3.5", Length 13"
Size 17 fits Hip bone 42-43", Inseam 3.5", Length 13.5"
Size 19 fits Hip bone 43.5-44.5", Inseam 3.5", Length 14"
Size 21 fits Hip bone 45-46", Inseam 5", Length 14"
Size 23 fits Hip bone 46.5-47.5", Inseam 5", Length 14"
Size 25 fits Hip bone 48-49", Inseam 5.5", Length 14"

Material: 100% polyester.
They do not have inside liners.