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Amazing Hawaiian Shirts - Made in Hawaii Clothing

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Hawaiian Shirts for men

collection offer what you'll want when considering your Hawaiian shirts purchase. You'll want impressive selections and best price comparison. We deliver that and much more. Check out our sections for amazing bright colored Hawaiian shirts and genuine Hawaiian clothing needs and get prices that are easy on your budget.

Hawaiian shirts

Select from 100% cotton Hawaiian shirts,Easy Care cotton/polyester Hawaiian shirts, Super Big sized Hawaiian shirts Rayon Hawaiian Shirts. and the Long sleeve men's Hawaiian shirts.

There are thousands of Hawaiian themes for amazing Hawaiian shirts. Our clothing made in Hawaii are popular island shirts that can be worn every day and about anywhere in the Hawaiian islands. Hawaiian shirts have become popular beach shirts, party shirts and accepted work attire clothing for the office. The practice of wearing Hawaiian shirts have even spread to outside Hawaii to pocket locations around the United States and around the world.

When you shop with us you get real Made in Hawaii clothing.
Brand Name: Rainbow Hawaiian Products

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Special notes on fabrics, prints and colors.: With Hawaiian shirts no two shirts will be exactly the same since fabrics are cut from different locations on the material. This makes Hawaiian Aloha apparel unique from mass produced apparel. Aloha print fabrics are used up quickly in this industry, prints are often here today and gone tomorrow since there is a very limited supply made for each print. As a result large orders in the same print is not possible without enough lead time to secure enough fabric of a certain print and make the order.

Lengths from the top of collar to bottom of hem are:
S-29", M-30", L-32", XL-33", 2XL-34", 3XL-35"

Our Cotton shirts are not pre shrunk. We find they will shrink 1" to 2" from top to bottom and 1" to 2" from side to side after the first wash. Larger shirts like 4XL up may shrink more. It is suggested they be washed in cool water and hanged to dry or follow the washing instructions on the label.

Special note on displayed colors: Although every effort is made to display true colors, your computer monitor, graphics card and settings can affect the colors displayed. For accurate viewing standard monitor settings are 1024 x 768 pixels, color palette=256 colors or high color 16 bits, font size= small.

Hawaiian shirts

Our goal when we first came online in 1999 was discover what most individuals wanted when shopping for a Hawaiian shirt. We found people wanted affordable prices, quality workmanship, beautiful fabric with vibrant designs, basically a good all around deal at a fair price. From that point we focused on supplying exactly that. Together with fast shipping and responsive customer support buyers confirmed this is the right combination to look for when it comes to finding the best all around purchase for Hawaiian shirts and other Hawaiian clothing.

We work live-in, play and enjoy Hawaii so we are also enthusiastic about offering quality Hawaiian shirts and Hawaiian clothing.

It goes back long ago when a lot of our buddies, relatives and family sailed from China to Hawaii round the 1800ís. Many were gifted seamstresses. After making Hawaii home many naturally turned to sewing to earn a living. Their contribution and those of many others grew to become part of a powerful contribution to the creation and industry of Hawaiian shirts and Hawaiian clothing in Hawaii.

A fast look at development for Hawaiian shirts and the Hawaiian apparel industry.

Many Classic Hawaiian shirts were initially produced from soft colorful silk fabric obtained from Japanese Kimono clothes introduced to Hawaii from Japanese labors hired to operate the sugar and pineapple farms within the 1920's. The silk fabric from the kimono was a real eye catcher highly colored with scenic floral designs. The silk fabric was soft light and comfy, a great material for Hawaiian shirts, however the price of quality silk was costly.

With the development of rayon all of the good characteristics of silk were built in to a affordable fabric and shortly Hawaiian shirts would be created using this fabric.

Rayon intensifies the lustrous sheen and color with good comfort and fluid drape of silk which make rayon fabric probably the most popular materials for Hawaiian shirts today.

Today rayon Hawaiian shirts are constructed with quality soft fine smooth lightweight 100% rayon.

During the 1800's traders from America and Europe introduced cotton cloth to Hawaii which was colored and printed having a some simple designs. As time passed Hawaii started to build up and shortly had sugar cane and pineapple farms as outside developers took charge of the land. The employees in the sugar cane and pineapple farms in addition to cattle ranchers or paniolos, (Hawaiian Cowboys) used cotton palaka shirts that are a checkered print designs with straight cut bottoms so that they weren't required to be tucked in while working underneath the hot Hawaiian sun. Additionally they cut off the lengthy long sleeves to further keep cool. Soon a growing number of colors and versions of those Palaka shirt prints started to develop and were the origins of pre Hawaiian shirts. At this time the tourism industry was just beginning in the 1920's and 30's when a Chinese immigrant tailor named Ellery Chun come up with a flower print shirt on the vibrantly colored background that soon become known as the Aloha shirt and today widely accepted as the Hawaiian shirt. The start of Hawaiian shirt and clothing industry was born and blossomed.

Through the early 1940's this new fashion the Hawaiian islands was established as the Aloha print industry. This industry started to develop with steady demand through the years. Today Hawaiian shirts consists of many materials with cotton as typically the most popular then silk, rayon, polyester along with other synthetics. The Hawaiian shirts design today typically reflect the sights you discover around Hawaii with Tropical Flowers typically the most popular. This is the reason many Hawaiian shirts have tropical flower designs.

The recognition of Hawaiian shirts is continuing to grow to the stage where other nations are manufacturing them in large amounts because of there popularity.

We found most people want real Hawaiian shirts produced in Hawaii USA which is exactly what we and others suppliers in Hawaii provide as we help support the local Hawaii economy. We can proudly say we provide the real thing, Hawaiian shirts made in Hawaii USA.