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Hawaii prints Scrub Top Shirts for men and women.
Made in Hawaii USA.
Scroll down to view selections.

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Medical Scrub Tops from Hawaii

Medical Scrubs Tops, Hawaiian Style

You have options for the scrub top:

* Two lower side Pocket is 6" X 7".
* One Up left chest pocket only 5.5" X 5".
* Three pockets options.
* Do not have any pocket.
* Side bottom slits option.
* Also available is the option buy more length.

#1 Brown land<br> (100% cotton)#3 Purple / yellow flower<br>(100% cotton)#4 Red with Yellow Plumeria <br>(100% cotton)
#5 Black Pineapple<br>(100% cotton )#6 Blue land<br>(100% cotton) #7 Black /white tapa <br>(100% cotton )
#8 Blue /blue flower<br>(50% cotton /50% poly)#9  Island vacation/ yellow<br>(100% cotton) #10 Blue ship<br>(100% cotton)
#11 Pink flower<br>(50% cotton/50% poly)#12  Sea turtle green<br>(100% cotton)#13 Colorful flower<br>Size L (100% cotton)
#15 Khaki Ukulele<br>(100% cotton)#16 Colorful Black Flower <br>(100% cotton)#17 Green turtle<br>(100% cotton)
#18 Navy Pineapple Scrub top#19 Gray palm tree<br>(100% cotton)#20 Yellow plumeria<br>(100% cotton)
#21 Green tapa <br>(100% cotton)#22 Island canoe<br>(100% cotton)#23 Maroon Pineapple<br>(100% cotton )
#24 Black /brown leaf<br>(100% cotton)#25 Pink/ pink<br>(100% cotton)#26 The post card<br>(100% cotton)
27 Blue ukulele<br>(100% cotton)#28 Blue turtle<br>(100% cotton)#29 Black /orange flower<br>100% cotton
#30 Green surf shop<br>(100% cotton)#31 Surfboard black<br>(100% cotton)#32 Khaki /khaki flower<br>(100% cotton)
#33 Red tapa<br>(100% cotton )#34 Navy / Orange flower <br>(100% cotton)# 37 White /white<br>(50% cotton/50% poly)
#36 Pink and Yellow flower <br>(100% cotton)#38 Coffee brown <br>Size XS only #39 Brown tapa<br>(100% cotton)
#40 Tropical fish /black<br>(100% cotton) size S only#41  Eggplant color<br>(100% cotton)#42 Colorful Navy<br>(100% cotton)
#43 Green leaf<br>(100% cotton)#44 Maroon red flower<br>(50% cotton/ 50% poly)#45 Surf shop / blue<br>(100% cotton)
#46 Blue big surfboard <br>(50% cotton/50% poly)#47  Sea Turtle Tapa<br>(100% cotton)#48 Green ukulele <br>(100% cotton)
49 Tropical fish / red<br>(100% cotton )#52  Scrub top - Small Surfboard Woody#53 Turquoise flower (50% cotton / 50% poly)
#54 Aqua Blue Pink Flower (50% cotton / 50% poly)Hula girl blue<br>(100% cotton)Hula girl Purple<br>(100% cotton)
Maroon Plumeria<br>100% cottonHow to measured the scrub top length