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Hawaii Seat Covers Hawaiian Car Seat Covers
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The Hawaiian Seat Cover

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We offer two types of Hawaiian car seat covers:
* Cotton Canvas - Prints 101-150
* Quilted Hawaiian Seat Covers - Prints #1-#53
* All covers have a black stretch nylon backing.

Please be patient for this page to load,
we have many Hawaii seat cover selections to display for you.

Hawaii Seat Cover Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: What are the measurements of the Hawaii seat cover?

A: Since we do not have a list of the cars these covers will fit, please use the measurements below to compare with your own car seats which is the best way to determine if our Hawaii seat cover will fit.

A: Hawaii seat cover measure 32" from top head rest to seat, 20" from back rest to front edge of seat, and 22" wide for the seat.
The top of the Hawaii seat cover measure 10" wide and taper wider down the seat to 22" wide for the rest of the seatback. Your headrest or top of the seat should not be wider than 10" for the covers to be pulled down properly.
All covers have a black elastic backing that must be stretched around the sides and back of the seat and a little under the seat to allow the Hawaii seat cover to accommodate bucket seats up to two inches smaller or bigger from these measurements.
The print design is on the front side and the back of the seat will show the black backing with no print.
If your seats are close to these measurements they will fit properly.

Q: What type of car seats will the Hawaii seat cover fit?
A: They are designed to fit most high back bucket seats for cars, trucks and minivans.

Q: Will they fit bucket seats with arm rests?
A: No.

Q: Will they fit 60/40 bucket seats?
A: No because both seat covers are the same size.

Q: Will they fit the new VW beetle bucket seats?
A: No. Because the side airbag.

Q: Will they fit seats that have the seatbelts coming out of the seats?
A: No because there are no holes in the covers to let the seatbelts out.

Q: Will the black nylon backing on the covers run?
A: Like all material nylon will run or rip if cut with a sharp object or is very tightly stretched.

Q: Will they fit straight square bucket seats?
A: No, these covers taper near the top of the head rests.

Q: Can I wash these?
A: Yes, they are machine washable with cold water.

Q: What is the difference between Hawaiian quilted seat covers and non-quilted covers?
A: Non-quilted covers are made of a durable 100% cotton canvas.
quilted covers are made with an inner 1/4" polyester padding quilted into the fabric are a little more comfortable.

Q: How long will these covers last?
A: Although quality fabrics and workmanship are used to create these covers they can wear out, fade and come apart at the seams over time and use.

Special note on displayed colors.
Although we make every effort to display true colors,
your computers monitor, graphics card and settings can affect the colors displayed.
For best viewing we use standard monitor settings: 1024x768 pixel, color palette= 256 colors or higher, font size= small.

Hawaii Seat Cover <br>101 Aloha sunset blue<br>(Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> #102 Blue Black Tapa<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br>Separated Headrest, Colorful flower<br> (Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover<br>Separated Headrest, Rasta Turtle<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> #104 Hula Girls Black<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> 105 Blue plumeria<br>(Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover Hibiscus Flower Hawaii Seat Cover<br>Separated Headrest<br>Bird of Paradise FlowerHawaii Seat Cover<br>Separated Headrest<br>Hula Girls
Hawaii car seat cover<br>Small Red Turtle<br> (Non-quilted) Hawaii Seat Cover with Separated Headrest<br>106 Red Turtle<br>(Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover <br>107 Blue /blue turtle<br> (Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover <br>108 Blue /yellow lei <br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> #109 Colorful black<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> #110 Blue /turtl, board<br> (Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover <br>111 Island chain <br>(Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br>Separated Headrest<br>Black PlumeriaHawaii Seat Cover<br>Separated Headrest<br>Island Reef
Hawaii Seat Cover,  Aqua Blue leaf  (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> #112 Black leis <br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> 113 Green sea turtle<br> (Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover <br>114 Pineapple blue<br>(Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> #115 Purple seat turtle<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> #116 Yellow Pineapple (Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover <br>117 Pink wave<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br>Brown sea turtle<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> 119 Red and Yellow flower<br> (Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover<br> #120 Green /turtle, board<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Car Seat Cover<br>Separated Headrest, Yellow Pineapple<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover <br>121 Black and White Tapa<br> (Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover <br>122  Surfboard <br>(Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover <br>123 Green/pink flower<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> Gray sea turtle<br> (Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover<br> #125 Black/ white flower<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br>Separated Headrest<br>126 Hawaiian Tapa<br>(Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> 127 Watermelon Red <br>(Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover <br>128 Orchid flower<br>(Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> 129 Rasta Turtle <br>(Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover <br>130 Red and Black Flower<br>(Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover<br> 131 Hawaii Girls white<br>(Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover <br>132 Purple plumeria<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover <br>133 Green /green turtle<br> (Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover <br>134 Baby purple<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover <br>136 Blue sea turtle<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> 137 Yellow plumeria<br> (Non-quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover with Separated Headrest<br>139  Blue Sea Turtle(Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> 147  Island reef<br> (Non-quilted)Hawaii Seat Cover<br> 150 Khaki & Black Tapa <br>(Non-quilted)
Separated Headrest<br>Hawaii car seat cover<br>1 Big red turtle<br>(quilted)Hawaii car seat cover<br>2 Brown tapa <br> (quilted)
Hawaii car seat cover<br>#3 Green Hawaiian  (quilted) Hawaii car seat cover<br>#4 Gray big turtle<br>(quilted)Hawaii car seat cover<br>#5 Rasta Color Flower<br>(quilted)
Separated Headrest <br>Hawaii car seat cover<br>#6 Green Hawaiian<br>(quilted)Hawaii car seat cover<br>7 Blue tapa<br>(quilted) Hawaii car seat cover<br>8 The surfer' s car blue<br>(quilted)
Separated Headrest<br>Hawaii car seat cover<br>9 Gray /white flower<br>(quilted) Hawaii car seat cover<br>12  Hawaiian blue <br>(quilted)Hawaii car seat cover<br>13 Brown tapa<br>Separated Headrest (quilted)
Hawaii car seat cover<br>14 Navy /blue (quilted)Separated Headrest<br>Hawaii car seat cover<br>16 Hawaii Coffee quilted) Hawaii car seat cover<br>Brown big turtle<br>(quilted)
Hawaii car seat cover<br>#18 Blue surf board<br>(quilted) Hawaii Seat Cover<br>Separated Headrest<br>Hawaiian Gray(quilted) Hawaii car seat cover<br>Separated Headrest, Blue blue flower<br>(quilted)
Hawaii car seat cover<br>Separated Headrest, Hawaiian blueSeparated Headrest<br>Hawaii car seat cover<br>#22 Maroon Tapa<br>(quilted)Separated Headrest<br>Hawaii car seat cover<br>25  Brown big turtle<br>(quilted)
Hawaii car seat cover<br>#27 Green Flower<br>(quilted)Hawaii car seat cover<br>Separated Headrest, Blue /white flower (quilted) Hawaii car seat cover<br>31Red big turtle<br>(quilted)
Separated Headrest car seat cover, Big Blue turtleHawaii car seat cover<br>34 Black /pink flower<br> (quilted)
Hawaii car seat cover<br>35 Hawaiian gray<br> (quilted) Hawaii car seat cover<br>Separated Headrest, Green SurfboardHawaii car seat cover<br>37 Gray tapa(Quilted)
Hawaii car seat cover<br>39 Maroon tapa<br>(quilted) Hawaii car seat cover<br>Separated Headrest<br>#40 Blue tapa <br>(quilted)Hawaii car seat cover<br>41 Blue /white flower<br> (quilted)
Hawaii car seat cover<br>#42 Green surfboard<br>(quilted)Hawaii car seat cover<br>43 Blue big turtle<br>(quilted) Hawaii car seat cover<br>45 Black /red flower <br> (quilted)
Hawaii car seat cover<br>46 Big Gray Turtle<br> (quilted) Hawaii car seat cover<br>Separated Headrest, Gray Tapa <br> (quilted) Separated Headrest<br>Hawaii car seat cover<br>16 Green / white flower(quilted)
Hawaii Seat Cover with Separated Headrest<br>Red and Black Flower